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who we are

we live to love people to life

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Medina Naz is part of THE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE, a global denomination, 2.5 million members strong.  We are an Evangelical Protestant Christian Church, which just means that we love Jesus, we're not Catholic, and we want to let everyone know that Jesus loves them!

Check out our Articles of Faith

We Value:

Intimate Life with God

Believers are pursuing an intimate relationship with God.


Investment in Relationships

People are connecting with each other inside the church and developing relationships in the community.


Involvement in Ministry

We provide opportunities to serve God by meeting needs with joy and generosity.


Indulging in Laughter

An atmosphere of fun permeates our life together.

Questions to Live By...
  • Have I met with God today?

  • Am I trusting & obeying
    God in everything?

  • Do I see Jesus in the mirror?

  • Who Have I served today?

  • Am I close to someone
    far from God?


Medina Nazarene provides a community of supporters in an atmosphere with uplifting worship, inspirational and accessible sermons, and sometimes silliness that puts a smile on your face. You'll leave each service with gratitude that you came and eagerness to come back!

—  Bethany D.

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